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Several of my friends have already posted this, but it is so to the point that I think it needs to be reposted.

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I spent the morning cleaning.

In the afternoon I walked to Dan's and had a hamburger. I love Dan's.

Stopped at Half Priced on the way home and picked up a $3 copy of The God Delusion and a copy of The Shawl. I havent read Ozick before, but her name keeps popping up so I thought Id give her a try.
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I have been back in Austin since Tuesday. We came home a day early because to the storm that dropped two inches of rain on east Texas. Plus we get Monday off as our good friday, so I have a whole week off. Unfortuantely, Ive been sick since Tuesday. It is probably from the pine and cedar pollen, but I feel pretty bad and have stuff in my lungs. I had a chance to see Amy Hempel read at UT tonight, but i felt too bad to go out. I know I will regret not dragging nmyself to see her.
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If I won the lottery, I would wear a new pair of socks every day.
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70% Chris Dodd
67% Rudy Giuliani
63% Bill Richardson
62% Barack Obama
62% Hillary Clinton
59% John Edwards
57% Mike Gravel
57% Dennis Kucinich
56% Joe Biden
54% John McCain
51% Ron Paul
50% Mitt Romney
46% Tom Tancredo
45% Mike Huckabee
41% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz
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Ive gotten out of the habit of regularly updating, and I regret it. Not that there has been much going on, but there are always little things that I dont want to forget. There are many things I wish I had written down years ago, that I can barely remember now.

I just returned to Mount Pleasant after nearly a week off. It's not particularly interesting, but it is steady work. We will be here until at least February.

I have been even more hermity lately.

That is all.
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I bleached my hair about two weeks ago, intending to dye it blue right away, but I was lazy, so Ive been walking around like this:

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I am currently working on an excavation in Kileen Tx, about 70 miles north of Austin. We are excavating a burned rock midden. BRMs are large piles of burned, broken up limestone. They are formed when underground cooking pits were lined with limestone slabs. After repeated use the limestone breaks up into smaller chunks which are tossed aside. Over hundreds of years the limestone builds up into thick middens. The small rise in this picture is the BRM. The road next to it cut it in half, so it is now about 10 x 5 meters in size. We are supposed to excavate the whole thing, since it will be destroyed by road construction.

The small rise is the BRM.

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My work schedule has changed yet again. The Mount Pleasant job has been postponed a month due to all the rain. They have to get in with a bulldozer to clear the sites, and many of them are boggy or under water now. So, when we are done with this ten day session next Wednesday, we will have 12 days off. Then we will work on a 3 week excavation at Fort Hood. Then Mount Pleasant should finally start. I really would like to get back to work full time, but it will happen soon, and Im not going to worry too much about missing half of the hottest month.

Im off to bed.


Jul. 9th, 2007 12:28 am
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Here are some polaroids from 1988 that Rob shared with me while I stayed with him in SF. Actually, they are photos I took of his polaroids, since I didnt have any way to scan them, so the quality isnt good, but I like the effect. Almost all of them are of Rob, myself, and our closest friends at that time, Rhonda and Leslie.

Rob and I:

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My friend Jeff (the one Ill be seeing in a few weeks) sent me this picture today. It is me and one of my old roomates standing in the middle of some megaliths on Tinian, the Island in Micronesia I worked on in the mid 90s. Im the one on the left.

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Half off Easter candy = 12 boxes of Peeps = Mark has a stomach ache.
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Today while excavating a large trash filled pit, I found the best artifact we have found on the dig, a broken, decorated earspool. When I first showed it to my boss, she accused me of making it myself, lol:

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I really didnt get much out of my BA in archeology. Once I started working as an archeologist, I had to unlearn a lot. The thing that really prepared me for archeology was my teenage obsession with Dungeons and Dragons. Everything I do in archeology has a link to D&D. Drawing maps on graph paper. Endless, detailed descriptions. More paperwork. Seeing and interpreting patterns. Using a compass and map to hike miles and miles through forests and jungles. So to everyone who told me I was wasting my time memorizing D&D manuals and creating my own worlds on paper, fuck you very much.
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"I am very shy. Most people misconstrue my shyness for standoffishness. But it is not. It is social terror. The Shy Hunter is terrified that others will destroy the truth within his heart. And so the Shy Hunter armors himself.

No one surpises a Shy Hunter, not even death, because the Shy Hunter has covered his ass and, thus armored, he watches and waits and studies meticulously, hunting the world for prey. Prey not in the sense of devouring or murder, but prey in the sense of hunting for sore truths within another human heart. Prey for truth. The sore truth in your heart, so that I may uncover mine."

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