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Except for an occasional photo post, my journal is now friends only. Leave a comment to be added.

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Maybe zombies aren't so bad. Maybe when you are dead you exist in a state of constant, intense bliss. Maybe what zombies see when they see the living is what we see when we see zombies; miserable, shambling wrecks that appear to be in constant pain. Maybe zombies just want us to be as happy as they are.
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I used to think that the roadrunner was my power animal/spirit guide, but now I am pretty sure it is Iggy Pop.
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Axial tilt: the reason for the season.
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I had lunch on campus today. Some 20 year old kid with a Justin Bieber hair-do told me I needed to cut my hair. I told him I couldn't wait to tell all my friends Justin Bieber gave me hair advice. He was not amused.
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...every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood.


Genesis 8:21

Edit: another translation

"I will never again curse the ground because of the human race, even though everything they think or imagine is bent toward evil from childhood."
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It is nice when evil people actually look evil.

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Rothko does Hyde Park

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I am home in Austin.

This morning we worked for about two hours packing up all our equipment and then Matt drove 85 all the way to Austin.

We are done with Mt Pleasant, but there is a chance they will send a couple of us back for a few days to tie up loose ends.

I am exhausted, even though we had a fairly easy work session. I have been cleaning and unpacking and am about to eat some pizza and watch BSG. I am VERY happy that we got home a day early so I can rest up before leaving for NYC.

I lost a couple more pounds and am at the low end of my normal weight range (118,) so I am going to start eating more. I recently cut out about half the refined sugar I had been eating. I need to add more protein and complex carbs.

Tonight will be ice cream, BSG, Shy Hunters, and lots of sleep.

The cats are happy.
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Graveside Oration

Our late friend hated blue skies,
Bible-quoting preachers,
Politicians kissing babies,
Women who are all sweetness.

He liked drunks in church,
Nudists playing volleyball,
Stray Dogs making friends,
Birds singing of fair weather as they crap.

~Charles Simic
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phone post again.

The hotel internet is still down. the net has never been good here, but now it is just dead. It is frustrating because I finally got back into the habit of updating lj every day, and I owe several people long emails.

work is fine. I am spending the evenings reading and watching BSG. I made Matt watch Forbidden Zone with me last night.

this android keyboard sucks.

even myself, I am just here, isn't it?
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we arrived in mt pleasant a couple hours ago. the hotel internet is down again, so I am very slowly posting from my phone. I am way behind on answering emails and various other things that require the net. they say they are switching providers, so we might have a reliable connection this week. bah.
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No work today because it is SNOWING. It was 70 degrees two days ago and today it looks like a blizzard.

This is me two days ago excavating a deep storage pit. The Caddo would dig these pits, line them to make them waterproof, and store grain in them. I always get to excavate them because no one else can fit. I enjoy it because I am a claustrophiliac. When I was a kid I would dig a 4 foot deep hole and just hang out in it all day long. I was a strange child.

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I made this journal on 11 April 2001.

It was the 97,875th journal created on LJ.

I have posted 2,199 times, including this entry.

My last two relationships were with people I met here.

I have made more than a few good friends here.

My poor LJ has not been updated enough in the last year or two, but I am working on it.
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The Philadelphia Eagles have removed a list of their corporate sponsors from their website. Apparently too many of the sponsors were receiving angry letters and the Eagles are trying to head off boycotts. Fortunately I had already compiled a list of the sponsors and their contact info. I am posting it everywhere I can think of.

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music news

Jul. 1st, 2009 05:01 pm
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The Pogues are touring. With Shane MacGowan. That fucker better live long enough to play in Austin.
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